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Our Name Means:

The International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Inc. is a Church in global mission, comprised  of ministers, autonomous congregations and other parachurch organizations.

International refers to our commitment to love for and service to the global universal Church. The Fellowship currently serves in thirteen countries.

Fellowship refers to our commitment to maintain the consciousness of the church as the body of Christ.  While celebrating the autonomy of the local congregation we hold to the belief that the Church is One, and we really do need each other.

Bible refers to our commitment to the full plenary inspiration, inerrancy, authority and sufficiency of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments of Holy Scripture.  IFBC holds the Bible to be the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Churches refers to our belief that ministry occurs most efficiently and effectively at the local church level, not so much at the general level.  While some denominations hold that each local congregation is an arm of the denomination's ministry, IFBC holds that "headquarters" is actually an arm of the local church's ministry. IFBC exists to give the local church opportunity to build its most effective ministry through cooperative efforts together for the sake of God's Kingdom.



News Currents

Helping Famine Stricken Nigerian REfugees

  • Thanks to a generous matching grant from Faith Ventures Foundation Inc., along with generous IFBC congregations and individuals,  IFBC recently sent more than $17,000 to help refugees in Northeastern Nigeria.  These refugees have been driven from their subsistence farms and homes by terror and persecution from Boko Haram and its death squads.  Many did not survive the attacks.

  • Thanks to a willing Denominational leader with Church of the Brethren in Nigeria and a student from West Africa Theological Seminary, two communities of several thousand refugees will be receiving significant help soon.  Many of these people are Christian.  Many are not.  Our task is to take the love of Christ to these suffering people.

  • According to news reports from the area, as well as from our director's first hand knowledge of the area, famine has reached acute levels for many.  Acute famine means that people are dying from starvation and more will die unless someone sends help.

  • Our Nigerian representative also informs us that no other agency has been reaching these two large communities of people to date. 

  • The work of distribution of food and other necessary items is to begin on January 31 and continue until all resources have been expended in aid to famine stricken refugees. 

  • This task is far bigger than our funds will be able to finish.  But we will help all the people we can.  We continue to solicit your help and to ask God for his blessing on this work.

  • If you want to help in this endeavor, we welcome you to give via credit card at the PayPal link under the "Support IFBC Mission" tab in the taskbar above.

  • You may also send a check or money order to IFBC, PO Box 1222, Bethany, OK  73008-1222.

  • Be sure to mark your offering for Humanitarian Aid.

  • Check out the latest mission lessons and updates under the Mission Updates Tab. 

  • For Fellowship Prayer Network, click on FPN Update in the left hand column. 

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