What is Faith Promise?

  1. A Bible based, God inspired plan.
  2. A method of financing world evangelism.
  3. A demonstration of personal faith and trust.
  4. It is not the tithe.
  5. It is not a pledge.
  6. A commitment to give for missions as God provides.
  7. A testimony that we are committed to the Great Commission.

Please pray about what you should give for missions during the coming year. After praying and determining the amount you should give, a commitment is made through an exercise of faith on your part and faithfulness on God’s part. You are encouraged and challenged to contribute regularly (weekly or monthly) for missions as God supplies. It is a promise to God of what you will do for missions by His help.

The following files give information on the history of Faith Promise and explain how to plan, prepare and hold a Faith Promise convention in your local church. Click the files listed below for materials to help you make your convention a success in the local church and for the cause of missions.


Faith Promise Materials

Filename Size Date
An Adobe Acrobat file Faith Promise Booklet.pdf 40.15 KB 2017-06-24
A Microsoft Powerpoint file Faith Promise Promotion 2011.ppt 215 KB 2017-06-24

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